We Buy Books

Do you have books to dispose of? We are always interested in buying books, especially large collections.  Whether you just want to pass on a few books you’ve finished with, or are looking to sell a houseful, please get in contact.  We are always keen to buy good quality, interesting second hand books.  If they fit with our specialist areas, so much the better.  We mostly buy books in our local area – around London, Kent and the South East – but we do travel the country for interesting items and larger collections.

We do not buy:

  • Paperback or mass market fiction
  • Dictionaries or encyclopaedias
  • Book club books
  • Foreign language books

Please remember to obtain the maximum retail value from the books you want to pass on, you would have to sell the books individually yourself directly to the end customer with all the research, knowledge, conservation skills, logistics, marketing and dispatch operations that involves.  If you wish to sell to a bookdealer – who will likely take the entire lot and move them for you – expect to be offered somewhere around 20 to 25 per cent of retail value for lower value books, rising to as much as 50 to 70 per cent for high value items.

Do give us a call if you have a individually interesting books or a quantity of books to sell.  We’ll quickly be able to tell you if we’re interested and, if not, will likely be able to advise on who else to contact or other options to consider.