Common Terms in Cataloguing


Volume – Book

Pasted – glued to board/cover/page – often illustrations

Tipped-in – illustrations glued (only one edge) onto page or boards

Laid-in – often ephemera included – compliments slips/letters

Foxing/Spotting – when brown marks appear on pages and text block edges.

Fold-out – generally maps/graphs/illustrations. Part of volume

Hardbacks & Paperbacks

Frontispiece – illustration/photograph on page opposite title page.

Vignette – small illustration on title page.

Chapter headers – small illustration at beginning of chapter

Chapter footer – small illustration at end of chapter

Initial letter – Oversize/ornate first letter of a chapter

Cocked – lean, commonly forward – from reading

Cracked spine – derived from reading. Most notable on paperbacks

Dust jacket – paper/laminated paper/glossy paper – mainly hardbacks

Text block edges – the edges of pages

Text block – printed area on page

Page margins – area around text block

Soiling – dirty, grubby covers/pages

Half-title page – Some volumes have a page before the title page that often only has the title of the volume

Copyright page – Most often verso of title page. Has publisher, copyright, print run details.

Shelf wear – scall scratches on boards/covers that are often a result of contact with other volumes

Sprayed – when a text block edge has been stained a colour. We do not use stained as it seems to be an issue with the volume.

Remainder mark – often on bottom text block edge. Publisher’s tail end; damaged stock.